Get organised

 Declutter your home

 Jot important events on the calendar

 Keep essential items in the same place

 Make a ‘to do’ list


 Do one thing at a time

 Focus on the task in hand and don’t be distracted​


Stay Mentally Active

 Do Crossword puzzles or the like

 Make small changes to your life pattern

 Take up a new hobby or interest



 Meet friends and socially interact with them


Physical Activity

 Try to include some physical activity in your daily routine

 Physical Activity increases the blood flow to the heart and brain and may therefore help with your memory


Eat a Healthy Diet

 Eat a healthy and varied diet including fruit and vegetables

 Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated

 Drink alcohol in moderation


Manage Chronic Conditions

 Always follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations

 Finish prescribed medication

 Review your medication with your doctor on a regular basis