AGE Platform Europe, a European network of around 167 organisations of and for senior citizens of which IAOP is a member, recently published a Guide to the European Union, specifically aimed at interesting older people in the activities of both the Parliament and the Commission.

In a forward to the Guide Viviane Reding, Vice-President European Commission draws attention to the fact that senior citizens are a growing part of European society, its economy and culture, and this poses many questions about how best to ensure that we older people are socially included and fully enjoy our rights.    The Vice-president draws attention to the success of European anti-discrimination legislation in raising awareness of age discrimination and of the rights of senior citizens.

She also draws attention to the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights which enshrines the rights of the elderly and constitutes a point of reference commonly used in the development of European policies.   She goes on the suggest that to ensure the full effectiveness of these developments it is essential that senior citizens actively contribute to the shaping of best policy and practice.   Active Senior Citizens for Europe – A Guide to the EU available from AGE Platform Europe  Rue Froissarr,111 1040 Brussels, Belgium    email