Mission Statement



  • Serves as the direct voice of older people
  • Represents the interests of both active and frail
  • Campaigns, Networks, Informs, Enables, Empowers and
  • Seeks to create an environment in which the values and capacity of older people are recognised
    both by the community and by older people themselves and so promote independence,
    dignity and purpose for older people.

Established 1990  Membership based

“Older People expressing the voice of Older People”




“We believe that old age should be honoured unconditionally, that it should

-defend itself,

-retain its rights,

-subordinate itself to no one, and

-rule its own domain to the very last breath.”  (Cicero)



Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in Dublin Ireland. No 155586.
Registered Office 4 Sussex Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.



COME AND JOIN US– Annual Membership Fee €10.


Anthony Dunne, Jean Dunne, Emer Hally, Gerry Horkan,  Mary Horkan, Ann Kielthy, Peggy King, Richard Fitzpatrick,  Derry O’Dwyer, Sheila Simmons.